Delete Icon? icon\r files on your Mac

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For the longest time these Icon? (or Icon\r) files kept popping up on my Mac without any rhyme or reason. I would manually delete them. Eventually i got fed up again when several popped up in my main Music folder and all its sub-directories.

I googled a Terminal (bash) command to find and delete files based on name. So, here is the command i settled on for my needs. Be sure to change the directory — the Google\ Drive/ part — to whatever one you need:

find Google\ Drive/ -name 'Icon?' -delete

Oh, in case you don’t know how to run this or would like more info into as to what the command actually means:

I hope that helped you to delete Icon? files!

I’ve noticed folks see them as icon\r files, as well. Delete these icon\r files. I might have to setup an automatic job to run daily. Maybe that’ll be the next blog post.


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