FinTech apps i use daily to stay financially literate and healthy

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This year i’ve worked diligently to get my personal finances in order. From February 2018 to November 2018, i increased my (TransUnion) FICO score by 73 points!

To help get a (daily) handle on things, these are the apps i use/check regularly — sometimes several times a day. They are in no particular order. A few of the app links are my personal referral links, by the way. Some offer cool perks for both me and you if you sign up. They’re all free, though i pay for a premium version where noted.

And that’s it. Well, that was kind of a lot, but i hope it helps! If you have any other apps/services that you recommend, please Tweet me or add them in the comments below.

Good luck and increased knowledge about your finances!


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