About Macario

Macario James, headphones and suit

Greetings and salutations! As you saw on the home page, my name is Macario, and i’m a web and app developer. I’ve been working in tech for the last 16 years—a decade as a computer and printer technician; switching to a career as a full-time developer around six years ago.

The stack for a majority of my projects includes WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript. The latest and greatest in tech changes often — overwhelming at times, but that keeps it fun.

The last two years’ frenetic pace has me eyeing the tech i believe hits this intersection:

If you’re curious, these are the things i’ve been interested in and actively learning about over the last few years and in no particular order or with any particular weight:

This list is forever changing. Subscribe to the blog or check back from time-to-time to see what’s brewing in my brain.

I’m a published writer, y’all!

d/u/s/t book cover by Macario James DeLaCruz

I wrote a memoir as a book of poetry titled d/u/s/t. You can get the ebook version here. Sometime in 2019 i’ll get the physical, signed copies out to the world!

I was the subject of a TV project!

Several years ago Nomadness, of which i sit on the executive board, pitched a reality series showcasing an individual with the wanderlust bug–and I was the pilot’s chosen subject! Check out the pilot below.

Inside info: nope, this actually wasn’t my first trip out the country, but we needed someone with the chops to sell being a newbie traveler. ^_^

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