About Macario

Greetings and salutations!

Currently based in New Orleans, i specialize in custom WordPress-powered sites, progressive web apps, and consulting businesses on what technology to use.

I’ve worked in tech for the last 17 years — a decade as a computer and printer technician in New York; switching to a career as a full-time developer and tech consultant after moving to New Orleans. I’m also a business owner: Fifth Pocket Labs and Fire & Wheel.

The stack for a majority of my web projects includes WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript. The last two years’ frenetic pace has me eyeing the tech i believe hits this intersection:

In no particular order or with any particular weight, below are the things that have recently piqued my interest:

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I was the subject of a TV project
Several years ago Nomadness, of which i’m a board member, pitched a reality series showcasing an individual with the wanderlust bug — and i was the pilot’s chosen subject. Check it out underneath.

Insider info: nope, this actually wasn’t my first trip out the country; but we needed someone with the chops to sell being a newbie traveler. ^_^

I published a book

d/u/s/t book cover by Macario James DeLaCruz

I published a memoir as a book of poetry titled d/u/s/t. You can purchase the ebook version here. In August of 2019 the physical, signed copies will be published.

Writing a couple books on WordPress

I’m working on two books about WordPress.

One is on WordPress “recipes”. Essentially ways to accomplish intermediate to advanced things using WordPress. It’s my entry into the world of tech “cookbooks”. It’ll live on WPress.recipes, where the reader will have access to code snippets, a forum, and some other goodies i’ve yet to flesh out.

The second book is using WordPress as the backend for a mobile app, specifically creating a Progressive Web App with de-coupled WordPress. It remains untitled and without a domain name. I’ll handle those two soon enough.

Planned release for the former is August 2019. The latter is October/November 2019.

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