I found an Evernote alternative — i think.

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[Read the Update at the bottom] Evernote was starting to grind my gears when it came to its handling of code snippets, lack of keyboard shortcuts for many things i used often, and finally hitting me how expensive it was, amongst other “little” things that have changed over the years within the app. After reading several “Evernote alternative” lists written within the last six months, these are the things i determined were of the utmost importance to me for a viable alternative:

Possible alternatives i looked at are below. I didn’t put anything that didn’t have bullet number one. Even outside of note-taking, i’m not interested in Mac-only or iOS only apps. Besides Highland (but that has a very specific use-case).

Disclaimer: some links may be referal links where you’ll get credits for signing up, as well as me. Without further ado …

I downloaded and tried out SimpleNote and Notion after going through all of the above. SimpleNote didn’t offer any organization i wanted, which sparked my memory of when i signed up last year but left them. I decided they wouldn’t be of use for me here as a viable Evernote alternative.

So i moved onto Notion. I was able to easily import select Evernote notebooks, and could see them showing up simultaneously on my MacBook and my phone. I then began a much larger import and left the house to go on a drive (passenger), where i was able to get really in the trenches of using the mobile app how i would Evernote daily. It helped to sell me on ditching Evernote and going full Notion. As i mentioned above, all of my Evernote notes imported to Notion no problem and i am only at about 1/10 of the free plan capacity.

I cancelled Evernote premium, saving myself $96 a year. I’ll still have access to all my Evernote content, but lose device syncing between more than two devices and sharing with people. Not big deals.

I’ll keep folks updated right here if anything changes regarding Notion; but after the last two hours of making sure all my notes imported successfully, doing some moving around of things — it timed out a couple times when attempting to do large notebook imports (like 20+ of about 700 notes) — i’ve been happy with the app. Oh, and i realized that there’s no way to encrypt text in Notion like there was in Evernote. I’ll continue to use Evernote solely for the few notes i had that needed encrypted text. But i will probably switch to Laverna or Turtl for those encrypted note needs since they are much more secure.

I’m glad i finally found a viable Evernote alternative. Let me know your thoughts below. Cheers and peace.

[Update: 2019 August 15]

I was looking into if Notion had a password lock feature like Evernote does for mobile apps — it doesn’t — and i eventually stumbled upon this troubling Reddit thread regarding the Terms of Services (TOS) and essentially the “sub-licensing” Notion is granted with all of your content.

Continuing the search, i found another Reddit thread with a Notion representative saying Notion employees do in fact have access to your data but are legally bound to not look at it. Ha. Reassuring. And Notion doesn’t use end-to-end encryption while data is transferred from your computer to their servers.

As of about fifteen minutes ago, i deleted my workspace on Notion and all its contents.

Currently doing more of a deep dive into encrypted Evernote alternatives.




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