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The search for encrypted Evernote alternatives continues

After not being thrilled with the results of one of my recent posts about finding an Evernote alternative, i’m now focusing on finding encrypted note-taking apps. Particularly encrypted Evernote alternatives. All the criteria from the previous post is the same, but being sure no third party employees of a company can read my notes is paramount. I have documented the apps i’ve researched below. TL;DR: Joplin is THE Evernote alternative for end-to-end encryption, .exex importing, […]

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I found an Evernote alternative — i think.

Evernote was starting to grind my gears when it came to its handling of code snippets, lack of keyboard shortcuts for many things i used often, and finally hitting me how expensive it was, amongst other “little” things that have changed over the years within the app.

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FinTech Apps to stay financially literate and healthy

This year i’ve worked diligently to get my personal finances in order. From February 2018 to November 2018, i increased my (TransUnion) FICO score by 73 points! To help get a (daily) handle on things, these are the apps i use/check regularly — sometimes several times a day. They are in no particular order. A few of the app links are my personal referral links, by the way. Some offer cool perks for both me […]

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