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Fonts blocked by CORS policy on localhost: How to fix that

I’m using MAMP Pro and have a separate Host setup for each of my website projects. This let’s me navigate to instead of localhost:8888/mywebsitedirectory. You can easily setup to be a.b.c if you wanted; this is my convention for projects. Helps me separate local dev with production and sandbox/staging sites. Since i decided to serve […]

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WordPress Custom Shortcode Not Displaying or Breaks Page–help!

So, i’m working locally on this site, tweaking my Wikipedia User Contributions Display plugin, and i noticed that some tweaks i pushed live are actually working fine, but locally they’re not (kinda backwards, i know). Heck, anything after the plugin shortcode doesn’t display–it actually breaks the site (footer scripts and other code fails to run). […]

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MySQL Server Not Starting on MAMP for Mac

So if you’re like me, you do a lot of WordPress development locally and experience annoying issues. I use MAMP, personally, as do many others. One of these common headaches is the MySQL server not starting on MAMP for Mac; inexplicably stopping and whatever you try, it won’t start again. Here’s a fix that has worked […]

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