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Choosing a VPN service and browser for desktop and Android/iOS

You may have heard the term “VPN” (Virtual Private Network) thrown around and how you should use it if you’re connecting to a strange WiFi network or you’re conducting sensitive work at the job. The simple answer for what it is and why you should use a VPN is its a private, encrypted, dedicated connection for your internet activity. Read my article on how end-to-end encryption works so you understand why that’s important. VPNs have other […]

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How End-to-End Encryption Works

All right. Here’s a simple explanation of how end-to-end encryption works. Recently there’s been a healthy amount of chatter in the news regarding WhatsApp, and i’ve noticed more and more of my contacts using (installing at least) Signal on their phones. This will give you an idea essentially of how our text message convos go when unencrypted and encrypted, and you’ll, hopefully, come away with why it’s important. I’ll probably do a more extensive write-up later […]

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