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BackWPup WordPress plugin – Error when running email backup job

Looking for an easy WordPress backup solution, i decided to give several plugins a try. One of them was BackWPup. While testing it out, i ran into an issue trying to send backups via email. It was due to the DMARC policy on my domain. Below is an email i received (in Spam) when attempting to do the email backup option. Quick trick to circumvent this issue is to set the “From” address in the […]

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Removing article:tag from Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin

Scroll down for the code since i’m a little long-winded on this post. Ye’ve been warned. Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is awesome at getting you quickly setup with adding Twitter Cards and Facebook OpenGraph data to your website. But over the latest iterations it’s either added superfluous meta data or removed the options to toggle what is or isn’t shown (version 7.1 is a big culprit of it, which is currently running on this site, […]

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