Inspired by the /uses page by Ahmad Awais, i wanted to jump on board with my own.

From front-end web development tools and frameworks to portable MySQL database software, SMS-sending services and project management systems, i have my favourites, but i’m open to change to any tech that helps me be more productive — even if it means disrupting my current workflow for a bit.

I believe learning something daily is a key tool on the path to success — whatever that means to each individual person — and i strive to check that item on my todo list as often as possible.

With all that said, if you have any software or hardware you recommend, please comment below! Heck, books and articles are  welcome, too. Oh, and some of the links have my referral code in them. No obligation to sign-up with my code.

Cheers and peace.

WordPress Plugins


Workflow + Project Management


Website Hosting

SSH Key Management / Secure Files

Domain Name Purchasing/Registration

Code Editor

Database Editor

CSS Framework


Favicon Generator

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